Volunteering to become a club Officer is as much of a reward as it is a challenge. There are 5 positions; each requires a small amount of time each week to assure Fairlady Alliance is on the right path. Becoming an Officer helps build leadership and teamwork skills. It also allows you to meet new friends as well as network with Z car clubs and sponsors all over the country, and world! 

Fairlady Alliance holds Officer elections each November. All Club Members are eligible to be nominated as an officer. Voting during the November meeting is highly encouraged (must submit ballot in person at monthly meeting).

Below is information of each position as well as the Officer who currently holds the position. If you are interested or have questions about becoming an Officer please email us or speak with a current club Officer in person to learn more.


1. Ensure that the Club operates within the parameters established by the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws

2.Call and conduct Club officer meetings

3.Host Monthly Club meetings

4.Appoint special positions and/or committees as needed

5.Ensure that election results are submitted for publication via the Club’s social media outlet

6.Must attend no less than 80% of all Club Meetings and Events


1. Carrying out directives from the Club President

2. Maintain a current roster of all members

3. Send membership renewals notices

4. Send new/renewed Club membership cards

5. Must attend no less than 80% of all Club Meetings and Events


1. Record minutes and attendance of Club meetings & Events

2. Safekeeping of historical Club records

3. Help  prepare room for Club meetings

4. Maintain order during Club meetings

5. Must attend no less than 50% of all Club Meetings and Events


1. Maintain the Club’s financial records

2. Safekeeping of Club’s historical financial records

3. Receive funds for the Club

4. Disburse Club funds as authorized by the President and the Advisory Board

5. Maintain a checking account for the Club with the provision that all checks against that account be countersigned or approved by another officer or designated signatory

6. File proper yearly Federal and or State Tax documents


1. Coordinate with President and Vice-President about organizing Monthly and Quarterly events for Club Members

2. Provide a list of upcoming events for publication no less than 2 weeks before the event via social media

3. Must attend no less than 80% of all Club Meetings and Events

PRESIDENT - Scott Worelds

treasurer - brooks draughn


events director - edwin rivera

VICE-PRESIDENT - frank mclaurin

advisory board - michael Delashmutt

An Advisory Board of Directors meets as required to review and advise current officers on Club matters and to fulfill corporate obligations. This board will be comprised of past presidents, committee chairpersons and other appointees as needed.