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The Z Car Club Association (ZCCA) was incepted during the second Annual Z Car Convention held in Phoenix, Arizona in the summer of 1990.

The Club representatives had lunch with Nissan’s VP of Marketing at the time, a Mr. Hadley Chamberlain, who stressed the company was very supportive of the grass roots Z Car Club movement but could not interface effectively with each individual Club.

This challenge would need to be addressed outside of Nissan and it was therefore decided by the Clubs represented at that meeting to form the Z Car Club Association.

After a few years of coordination and setting up the Constitution and By-Laws, the current formalized ZCCA was set in operation, complete with coordinated member club benefits, dues structure and elected committee members.

More information can be found at www.zcca.org

what is the zcca?

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Fairlady Alliance is a non-profit organization formed to provide its members with:

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- Access to knowledge about Z Cars

- A network of fellow Z car enthusiasts in Atlanta and surrounding areas

- Representation in a professional and business-like manner

- A unified organization to interface with corporations in getting discount goods    and services

- A communication link to Nissan/ Infiniti representatives

- Representation of their community in the Z Car Club Association (ZCCA)